G.B.P Dental

O revoluție în domeniul conferințelor stomatologice.
Organizația s-a născut din nevoia de a avea un congres convingător la Timișoara, care să poată actualiza numeroșii medici stomatologi din vestul României.



The ICX Premium system is in the top 4 of the most used implant systems in Germany, with over 15,000 satisfied customers in Germany alone and another 20,000 customers worldwide.
ICX-Premium® implants are intended for use in the jaw and / or mandible to provide support for fixed or removable dentures for immediate loading or loading after a conventional healing period. They are intended for immediate loading when good primary stability and adequate occlusal loading are obtained to restore masticatory function.



Studiare a Timișoara

GBP Dental by Casa Denti