Dr. Monaldo Saracinelli

Realization of rigid silicone masks for guided preparation and transparent masks for the temporary molding
Phases of dental preparation and realization of provisional on the model phantom by the participants

Course Objective:

The course, which is mainly practical, aims to provide participants with simple and standardized techniques to successfully use adhesive materials in the anterior sector.

Particular attention will be focused to the discussion and to the questions of the participants in order to clarify the problems that the clinician faces every day in the execution of direct and indirect bonded composite and ceramic restorations.


The course is aimed at all dentists wishing to make a qualitative improvement in daily clinical conservative practice and in adhesive techniques, obtaining in a simple manner optimal clinical results without postoperative sensitivity, saving healthy dental tissue, avoiding total crowns and making the most of conservative concepts to reduce the risk margin of our therapies.

Practical program

Operative strategies for success in direct anterior restorations Styleitaliano Workflow Day 1

Course Objective:

To learn a predictable method of treatment of anterior dental elements with correct working times at the chair

8:30-9:00  Registration of participants


Why the „minimally invasive restoration” is the strategy of success
Analysis of modern composite materials on the market and their characteristics.

  • Tips on which to choose to simplify our lives and keep the number to a minimum of syringes
    Color ! The beast of every dentist : simple tricks to get around the obstacle
  • Field isolation techniques
  • Class III and IV: SCACCO MATTO in three steps : Preparation, Adhesion, Shape
  • Traditional versus sectional matrices (acetate or metallic?). Which to choose?
  • Single mass versus complex layering : involution or rather technical evolution?

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-13:00  Class III and IV layering

  • How to make an invisible restoration and mask the preparation margin
  • Surface morphology: micro and macrotexture
  • How to get an integrated and brilliant restoration
  • Layering in V Class fillings
  • How to eliminate post-operative sensitivity and delete the detachment restoration risk
  • Analysis of numerous clinical cases with detailed operational steps and video projection

13:00-14:00  Break lunch

14:00-14:30  Questions and final discussion to intercept possible errors and learn a predictable and repeatable technique

14:30-17:00   Practical session on the model phantom – Realization of silicone masks for Class IV cavities

Cavity preparation, application of interproximal matrices, layering, finishing and polishing techniques

Operative strategies for success in direct anterior restorations Styleitaliano Workflow Day 2

9:00-11:00  Shape modification: conservative management of the imperfections of the incisive group

Whiteology: the new frontier of the DENTAL WELLNESS

How to become a HERO for your patients offering an „Added Value” to our work

Fractured dental fragments bonding : indications, contraindications and a step by step clinic workflow for a simple and successful outcome

11:00-11:30  Break

11:30-13:00  The direct conservative restoration of anterior endo treated teeth and how to use it for a future indirect restoration

Causes of dyschromia and related clinical remedies

Whitening techniques avoiding the risk of root resorption

Aesthetic-conservative restoration strategies

„Reasoned” use of fiber posts : Are they indispensable or do we have alternative solutions?

Channel preparation and cleaning technique radicular for proper cementation

Analysis of various types of cement for posts : how to avoid failures

Analysis of numerous clinical cases with detailed operational steps and videos projection

13:00-14:00  Break lunch

14:00-14:30  Questions and final discussion to intercept possible errors and learn a predictable and repeatable technique

14:30-17:00  Practical session on phantom

Veneering on incisors in direct composite with masking techniques for dyschromia and shape corrections using a dedicated matrix system

Operative strategies for success in partial indirect anterior restorations Styleitaliano Workflow Day 3

Limits of direct conservative restoration: when to switch to an indirect one

Indirect partial composite restorations in young patients : a simple and predictable way

Indirect adhesive restorations in complex cases with a multidisciplinary approach : clinical cases

Modern indications for adhesive restorations in ceramic and selection of suitable material

Initial treatment plan and diagnostic approach                              

Evaluation of the clinical case from the dental technician point of view (wax-up)

Making of transparent silicone keys on the wax up for clinical trial and patient emotional motivation

Step by step guided dental preparation driven by silicon masks from the wax up

Criteria for positioning the cervical margin

The reasoned preparation of the incisal margin

Impression and provisional management

Restorations try in and step by step adhesive bonding protocol

Final adjustments and occlusion control

Summary of clinical sequences  – Questions and clarifications

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera


Course Objective:
Share an approach that allows to be effective in direct posterior restorations.

  • Step by step procedures and protocols based on our Style Italiano philosophy.
  • It is an “Advanced basic” course, designed for everyone but especially for those who start our beautiful profession.
  • Share with those who already run them tips and tricks to make the workflow smoother !!
  • Share an approach that allows you to be effective in indirect posterior restorations.
  • We will see the indications for these restorations and the step by step procedures with protocols based on our philosophy of Style Italiano.
  • The purpose is to suggest you what to do but above all what not to do!

A course designed for everyone by those who have never done an indirect way to those who have made many, but are looking for new ideas and new tips.

Practical program

Direct Posteriors instructions for use Styleitaliano Workflow Day 1

8:30-9:00  Registration

9:00-11:00  Diagnosis: How to make a conservative diagnosis-Effectively for us and understandable to the patient!

Indications and limits of traditional instruments – This unknown the patient: how to set up a

First visit with the Active Care approach with laser and transillumination fluorescence

11:00-11:30  Break

11:30-13:00  Isolation no problem! from theory to practice – From the single tooth to the sector isolation


13:00-14:00  Break lunch

14:00-16:30  Essential lines  how to model the occlusal surface – Respecting the quality, in a simple& repeatable way, without losing sight of time and gain.

16:30-17:00  Time for Doubts questions, ideas…and the point of the day together.

Direct Posteriors instructions for use Styleitaliano Workflow Day 2

9:00-11:00  What adhesive and  how do I use it?

  • How to seal the fissures
  • How to manage from small to large restoration

11:00-11:30  Break


11:30-13:00  Class 2 restoration step by step from cleaning

Cavity to how to choose the matrix and the ring with lots of tips and tricks

13:00-14:00  Break lunch

14:00-14:30  How to manage emergency ?

14:30-16:30  Class  2 restoration!! Together step by step

16:30-17:00  Time for Doubts questions, ideas…and the point of the day together

Indirect posterior Resorations instructions for use Styleitaliano Workflow Day 3

9:00-11:00  Fifty shades of indirect restoration from inlay to the  crown

When to choose between Indications for the choice of direct or partial indirect        posterior restorations – What material to use?

11:00-11:30  Break

11:30-13:00  The preparation technique for onlay and step by step overlay Styleitaliano’s workflow with cutters calibrated for correct preparation thicknesses under a rubber dam

Relocation of the margin versus crown lengthening, when and why

From build up to the impression

13:00-14:00  Break lunch


14:00-14:30  Impression techniques, recommended materials for a predictable and fast technique

How to perform a temporary restoration

Tricks to isolate the field

14:30-16:30  Adhesive cementation techniques and strategies-Finishing and polishing.

16:30-17:00  Time for Doubts questions, idea …and the point of the day together